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Quadra v5.0 released!

January 30, 2019   Software Releases

Quadra v5.0 was released in January with some great enhancements that improve user functionality.
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Quadra v4.6.4 Released!

December 19, 2018   Software Releases

Quadra v4.6.4 has been released this month! Check out what end of the year changes have been made.
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Quadra v4.5.4 Released!

November 7, 2018   Software Releases

Check out the latest enhancements that were included in the latest update of Quadra!
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Quadra v4.4.0 has been released!

September 12, 2018   Software Releases

Quadra has been updated to include new functionalities to make using Quadra even more seamless than ever!
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Quadra v4.3.2 Enhancements

July 31, 2018   Software Releases

Quadra v4.3.2 has been released and includes some helpful updates!
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