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Retrieve Records Quickly with Saved Search

October 27, 2023   New Features , Software Releases

The saved search tool allows for easy access to records and is a featured update in version 9.3
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A New Interface for Report Design

July 21, 2023   New Features , Software Releases

Quadra® release 9.0 presents new feature allowing for flexible report creation
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Simplifying the Process for Creating Reports

June 23, 2023   New Features

Our forthcoming Report Builder will give users the ability to create and edit reports
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Batch Removals Made Easy

May 24, 2023   New Features

In case you need to perform data removal, here's how to use Quadra's 'Date Dropped' option
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Extended Capacity for Insurance Certificates

May 2, 2023   New Features , Software Releases

This new feature makes it possible to include documents with certificates in order to accommodate additional insurer or coverage information
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