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Expanded Capabilities for History Searches and Invoice Distribution

March 1, 2023   Quadra , Software Releases

Take a look at the new features available with Quadra® v 8.2
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Efficient Background Checks for Drivers

January 30, 2023   New Features , Quadra

Partnership with Checkr further streamlines the process of assessing motor vehicle records
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Ensuring Viability for the Future

December 16, 2022   Holiday Card , Quadra

Our recap of notable developments in 2022
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Changes Coming Soon with Implications for Asset Management and Additional Modules

November 22, 2022   New Features , Quadra

Improvements are coming soon to Quadra®, which will involve new formats for modules, changes to the driver background check process, and new interface options
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Partner Settings for Client Success

October 25, 2022   Quadra , Tutorials

Quadra® offers specific settings to help broker partners manage services for their clients more efficiently
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