Tutorial Updates – Single Sign-on and Invitation Links

October 21, 2020  Media, PA
Quadra , Tutorials

Following several recent updates to Quadra®, we have added new tutorial videos to our library. Recent releases include improvements such as: 1) the availability of single sign-on for users to help streamline the login process and 2) the option for administrators to create invitation links enabling team members to easily create new Quadra accounts.

Using an Identity Provider for Single Sign-on

Users can now log into Quadra through an identity provider, which means only one set of credentials are needed. This streamlines the login process, allowing easier access to all of Quadra’s modules.  While single sign-on requires some initial setup provided by AETI, most users will find this new capability very beneficial.  

Invitation Links for New User Accounts

Quadra’s invitation link system was introduced earlier this year to simplify the process of creating new user accounts. Links are customizable so new users can only access accounts and permissions that correlate with their job responsibilities. This feature is also helpful when used in conjunction with the Training module. Course facilitators can create course assignments with invitation links, so a trainee will receive assignments upon accepting the invitation.

Access our growing tutorial library at www.aeti-inc.com/tv. In order to see videos on a specific subject, simply make a selection under the All Topics menu.  Enjoy!

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