Announcing Quadra 6.0!

February 24, 2020  Media, PA
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Advanced Enterprise Technologies Inc.® is pleased to announce version 6.0 of Quadra®, which features a new module that offers online courses as well as an simplified system for inviting team members to become Quadra users.  Other enhancements with the latest release include more transparency when editing user, roles, and client settings; a revamped Notifications section that follows the standard grid layout and allows users to view completed notifications; plus general upgrades to assure the highest level of security and performance.

New training module enhances risk management programs

The training module in Quadra helps clients better control losses and comply with standards by providing a wide range of courses that can be accessed by team members at all levels: from officers and directors to entry-level employees. Online courses will cover a range of topics, including workplace safety, cybersecurity, and how to prevent harassment, discrimination, internal theft, and other potential sources of lawsuits and risk. 

Quadra’s training module allows administrators to easily assign sessions to employees based on their specific job roles. Through engaging sessions, team members will learn about regulatory matters and best practices, and understand how to apply the information to their own workplaces. 

AETI developed Quadra’s training module in partnership with The McCalmon Group, a leading provider of education and services that help organizations prevent losses and wrongdoing, reduce claims, and improve workplace culture.

An easier method for creating new users in Quadra

Another feature of this major release is the simplified process for inviting team members to access Quadra.  Administrators can create invitation links, which can be customized so new users can only access accounts and permissions that correlate with their job responsibilities. Course facilitators can also create course assignments with invitation links, so a trainee will receive assignments upon accepting the invitation.

Both the new training module and the risk management module, which was launched in 2018, work together to help organizations control losses and create a positive bottom line.   If you are interested in learning more about how Quadra’s training module can support your company’s insurance program, please contact us!

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