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Access Courses in the Training Module


This tutorial will show you how to view courses and materials in Quadra's Training module.

Access User Manager List & Report


This tutorial explains how to access the User Managers list and the User Managers report in Quadra.

Add a Certificate Policy


Learn the process for adding a certificate policy in Quadra, along with sending, printing, or editing a policy template.

Add a Master Policy


This tutorial explains the process for adding a new master policy in Quadra.

Add a Scheduled Item

Scheduled Items

This tutorial gives an overview of scheduled items and how to add them to Quadra.

Add a Structure


This tutorial explains how to enter a structure into Quadra.

Add a Survey


This tutorial explains how to create and share a survey in Quadra.

Add a User Manager


This tutorial is for administrative users. It explains how to add a User Manager then assign it as a role to a user.

Add Allocation


This video explains how to add an allocation which will calculate insurance charges based on asset values and other factors.

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