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The Challenges of Cost Allocation for Self-Insured Companies

August 9, 2023   Tech Insight

How can risk managers ease the process of developing a fair allocation process?
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Enhancing Loss Control for the Self-Insured

May 19, 2022   Tech Insight

Addressing the specific needs of self-insured structures
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All On the Same Page: Tools for Collaboration

November 16, 2021   Tech Insight

Effective collaboration supports risk management efforts. Here’s how Quadra® ensures all team members can access what they need easily
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Supporting the Sharing Economy

July 15, 2021   Quadra , Tech Insight

The growing industry built on the exchange of services facilitated by digital platforms offers opportunities and challenges. Quadra® provides several tools to support this dynamic sector
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Optimizing IT to Gain Actionable Insights

May 20, 2021   Quadra , Tech Insight

We address some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Quadra’s role within a successful risk management program
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