Tutorial Updates - Tools for Efficient Task Management

June 21, 2022  Media, PA

Quadra® tutorials provide instruction on a wide range of features that streamline tasks supporting exposure asset management and loss control efforts.  We've added new videos that cover some recent enhancements, including updates to the notification feature, the error-resolution process for imports, and interface customization settings.

Additionally, we have released a new introductory video that provides an overview of Quadra and illustrates the types of problems it solves for self-insured entities.  

Happy viewing!

Centralize and Simplify

Take a closer look at Quadra, the solution for self-insured entities, and see why it is such a valuable tool for managing insurance programs.  For those new to Quadra or curious about what it does and who it’s for, find out here.

Create a Notification

In this video, users can learn how to receive alerts regarding specific changes in Quadra, such as a new asset or an upcoming deadline.  Recently, Quadra’s notification feature was updated to provide users with a greater level of specificity in setting alerts. This means users will receive only the most relevant notifications and reduce the overall number of emails. 

Resolve Issues for a Data Import

Quadra’s import feature allows both new and existing clients to begin data management and analysis with little downtime. The error resolution system, which helps clients address data inconsistencies, now provides a summary of errors by topic and the ability to add values to pick lists directly from within the import wizard. 

Customize the Interface

The interface can be customized to fit your work style: adjust the module grid layout, keep search results intact, and set other preferences for notes and report-sharing.  Users can also activate the dark mode setting which provides an alternate reading experience.

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