Centralize and simplify

Quadra® provides the alternative risk market with an exceptional system for maintaining insurance exposure asset information, allocating costs, and managing risk and loss control through a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.  This unique solution consolidates all exposure information and simplifies insurance management tasks, leading to increased efficiencies and better decision-making.

Commercial property and casualty insurance brokers, nonprofits, risk retention groups, insurance pools, captive insurers, trusts, and REITs all benefit from Quadra's array of features.

Manage exposures and insurance documents

Quadra accommodates data for all types of exposures including structures, fleets of vehicles, machinery, payroll, events, and more.

The reporting feature allows you to quickly gain insights on values, allocations, and transactions. Plus, you can easily generate and renew insurance certificates for liability and property and create auto ID cards.

Allocate with ease

Allocating costs is a complex process, but Quadra makes it simple.

Enter data regarding assets, cost components, coverages, and valuation specifications, then include modifiers as needed. The Allocations module calculates the true cost of risk across your assets, resulting in fair charges for all accounts. Integrate Allocations with the Accounts Receivable module to easily generate and distribute invoices and facilitate payment collections.

Read more about Quadra's Allocations module.


Quadra offers many customizable features.

Set numerous preferences to define categories, create user-defined fields, establish valuation formulas, and maintain user permissions to fit the needs of your business.

Create and edit reports to enhance the invoicing process, internal communications, and ongoing data analysis.

Develop a dashboard of high-level reports that summarize asset values, transactions, and other facets, giving you snapshots of key activities.

Manage risk

Mitigate losses with the Risk Management module, which allows you to organize your company's risk management standards.

With the advanced search function, any standard can be quickly located so all employees can take responsibility for properly managing any exposures.


Share insights easily with a built-in email distribution system that enables you contact team members and send scheduled reports.

Users can also maintain notes and documents across all modules and assign tasks as needed.


We make security a top priority, and Quadra includes multiple features to protect your accounts.

Establish rules for password creation to ensure team members help keep account information secure. Also, utilize two-factor authentication when logging in which requires both a password and a unique code sent via text or email.

Additionally, you can manage user access on reports, modules, and functions to keep information secure while giving team members the permissions they need to do their jobs.