RMIS Redefined

Quadra® is a fresh alternative to the traditional RMIS system.  Quadra's suite of features and modules centralizes all your insurance asset management tasks into one convenient application, allowing you to focus on making the right business decisions for your organization.

Manage assets

Structures, vehicles, scheduled items, and all other assets are welcome in Quadra. We provide the ability to manage them with a basic easy-to-use interface.

Need a quick Statement of Values or a summary of your fleet? Quadra allows for quick reporting across all of your assets.

When high-level analysis is required, the Dashboard provides summarized information, allowing you to spot key trends.

Allocate costs

Allocating costs is a complex process, but Quadra makes it simple. Using a wizard, you simply enter your costs, pick your assets, assign rates, and allocate!

The Allocation module also allows you to split costs by line of business for easy reporting and tracking.

Have specific cost requirements for an account or asset? No problem - You can override any value generated by the system.

Manage certificates

Comprehensive, industry-proven certificate management is a core piece of Quadra. With the Certificates module, you can take care of all of your certificate needs in one place: preparation, printing, and renewal.

Need to define common policies for your certificates? We can handle that too, eliminating the need to duplicate data entry and saving you valuable time.


Quadra has a host of customizable features, which you can adjust to fit your working style. Your Dashboard, which you will see upon logging in, can be tailored to your exact needs.

Tired of the same old gray interface? No problem - Quadra has 15 themes to choose from.

Want to see your account hierarchy? You can keep it pinned and visible on all screens or hide it to widen the data entry area.