Tutorial Update: Recent Module Revisions

May 9, 2024  Media, PA

Our tutorial library has greatly expanded over the years as new features and modules have been introduced in Quadra®.  Supplementing Quadra’s online help, the videos explain automated features that strengthen our clients’ insurance programs and risk management efforts.

Tutorials can be sorted by topic and the AETI® website is searchable to help you locate the information you need. We have recently posted several videos exploring some of the new features available in the Accounts Receivable, Account Details, and Surveys module.

Happy viewing!

Account Details Overview

This tutorial explains the account structure in Quadra and how to add, edit, and move an account.

Accounts Receivable Overview

Explore the features that help you manage accounts receivable and learn how to access reports and preferences.

Manage Client Settings

Explore the client settings in Administration where you can select options for general details, Certificates, Vehicles, Drivers, the Dashboard, and Users.

Create a Survey

Explore the Surveys module and learn more about the types of questions and other options that can be used to collect data.

Manage Survey Responses

Learn how to share a survey, access a survey from another module, and manage responses.

About Quadra®

Quadra® is a SaaS solution used to manage over $40.1B in exposures across 11,700+ accounts.  This one-of-a-kind solution can accommodate all types of insurance exposures and includes over 130 categories including vehicles, real estate, structures, and payroll. The allocation feature is unique in the alternative risk market for determining the true cost of risk. Advanced reporting capabilities provide risk managers and CFOs with an exceptional tool for finding insights that control losses and improve the bottom line.  If you are interested in learning more about how Quadra can support your organization’s goals, please contact us!

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