Revised Surveys Module for Data Collection

April 8, 2024  Media, PA
Software Releases

We are pleased to announce an updated Surveys module in Quadra® as part of release 9.8.  Many clients use this module to create and distribute forms, provide details as part of an audit, or conduct surveys across accounts.  In particular, this module helps compile information relating to structures, renovation details, safety measures, and maintenance practices. Because of its data-capture capabilities, it supports efforts to minimize losses.

Information gathered through surveys can be used in a variety of ways since a survey can be limited to a specific module, account, or asset.  Survey responses can be viewed and exported as spreadsheets if additional analysis is needed. Reports with response summaries can be created and shared.  

As part of release 9.8, the survey response portion of the Survey's module has been rewritten in a new framework so users benefit from increased performance and a more consistent user experience.

Another new feature for the Surveys module includes a ‘Preview Survey’ link available from the editing page. While creating a survey, a user can quickly see how it will appear to a respondent and test out answers and question logic: 

Questions and pages can be copied. Additionally, the copy, remove, and change order options for each page are now hidden for a cleaner interface:

View tutorials

Create a Survey:

Manage Survey Responses:

Additional release note:  Revised permission settings for imports

We have updated permission alerts relating to data imports.  A series of alerts have been added to clarify missing or assigned permissions needed to perform edits and/or additions when importing data into Quadra.  If an unauthorized user attempts to import or edit data, an alert will appear stating the action is not allowed.  

At AETI® we are continually working on new Quadra features to support workflows so stay tuned for additional updates!

About Quadra®

Quadra® is a SaaS solution used to manage over $40.1B in exposures across 11,700+ accounts.  This one-of-a-kind solution can accommodate all types of insurance exposures and includes over 130 categories including vehicles, real estate, structures, and payroll. The allocation feature is unique in the alternative risk market for determining the true cost of risk. Advanced reporting capabilities provide risk managers and CFOs with an exceptional tool for finding insights that control losses and improve the bottom line.  If you are interested in learning more about how Quadra can support your organization’s goals, please contact us!

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