Account Details Module Updates

February 28, 2024  Media, PA
Software Releases

The Account Details module is one of the most used modules within Quadra® due to the dynamic nature of maintaining assets across hundreds or even thousands of properties, divisions, or subsidiaries within an organization. With release 9.7, the Account Details module has been updated to simplify the tasks of managing accounts.  The most noticeable enhancement is an improved interface which now follows the tab format of other modules. The General tab contains basic information and a User-Defined tab contains additional fields unique to the organization. The Contacts and Ownership grids are now available on separate pages to maintain a cleaner layout for account information.

Additionally, when editing an account, it is now possible to edit the account name along with other details within one page.  There are still two separate permissions for each of these functions. However, the overall process has been streamlined by creating one page for editing.  

The Search History tool has been revised with a simplified criteria form and the option to view additional details for search results.

Lastly, when adding a new Corporation or Individual account, secondary fields are hidden, presenting a cleaner interface. These fields can be easily accessed through a ‘More Settings’ link.

Take a look at this brief tutorial for an overview of account management through the new interface:

This release introduces a new tab format for account management with General and User-Defined tabs:

The Contacts and Ownership grids are now shown on separate pages:

When adding a new Corporation or Individual account, secondary fields are available with a ‘More Settings’ link. Settings can be hidden by selecting ‘Less Settings’:

History details on account changes are available:

At AETI® we are continually working on new Quadra features to support workflows so stay tuned for additional updates!

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