Mitigating Overall Risk

December 13, 2023  Media, PA

With the end of 2023 in sight, we are grateful for the opportunities we’ve had over the year to support our clients and their objectives in managing complex insurance programs. As a service provider to self-insured companies, we are constantly looking for new ways to streamline the cost allocation process, strengthen A/R collection efforts, provide insightful reporting tools, and facilitate internal communications. Below are a few Quadra® development highlights from the past year:

With major version 9.0, we introduced a new tool, Report Builder. This feature allows users to easily edit or create reports through an intuitive interface, offering greater flexibility in how data is presented on reports, particularly for invoices. Users can arrange a variety of elements, such as text, graphics, and data-bound fields by dragging and dropping.  Report Builder provides flexibility for both report and invoice layouts to better improve communications between the client and their accounts.  Additionally, the report viewer used for all reports was upgraded to load pages faster.  Security and accessibility were also a key considerations for Report Builder: Users can adjust the setting of a new or copied report that determines if the report can be viewed by others.

Report Builder also streamlines the process for managing vehicle ID cards.  Users can customize both the front of the card as well as the back for the default, California, and Pennsylvania formats more easily.

This year we also introduced a method for integrating notifications into Email Builder. This allows users to contact a group of targeted recipients and include an attachment. The purpose of this update is to inform relevant recipients that a particular action has occurred in Quadra so they can initiate subsequent tasks promptly. Actions can include things like the addition of a new vehicle or a lease with an approaching expiration date.

To help users target more specific types of vehicles when setting rate classes, the Administration module features a new tab format and advanced querying function. This means rate classes can be defined based on a wide range of factors including year, ownership type, registered owner, make, or address.

Users can now pause and resume emails created in Email Builder and these actions can be taken directly from the Allocation Schedule or within Email Builder. These additional options for managing automated emails provide more control for those who use this feature for efficient invoice distribution.

Quadra’s VIN decoder, an API-supported system that references vehicle details based on a Vehicle Identification Number, was upgraded this year to return results faster and include a VIN suggestion feature. This feature displays several VINs and vehicle names if a user enters the wrong number. This upgrade greatly expedites the process for entering a new vehicle into Quadra. Additionally, there is a new log in the system administration allowing AETI to better monitor calls for VINs and overall usage.  

We also announced a new addenda feature for the certificates module. This allows users to attach additional pages to certificates, which is useful when a longer list of coverages and insurers needs to be accommodated.  After uploading an addendum, it will appear after the certificate and all pages will be generated and shared as a single file.  If a certificate is created but the addenda are later edited, a new certificate must be created in order to reflect the policy changes.

For those who run fairly advanced searches on a regular basis as a way of locating specific exposure assets or accounts, the new saved search feature is a significant benefit.  It is a valuable timesaver and maintains complex search criteria so you won’t need to remember it or keep the details elsewhere.  

Additionally, Quadra’s Search History feature was updated to display both transaction information and users. Details can be viewed by clicking on a search result. The ‘View History’ feature, available from above the module grid, can also be accessed under the ‘Action’ menu so you can look at details for individual rows. This updated method for searching on edits as well as who made the edits provides answers more quickly.

With 2024 on the horizon, we are moving forward and developing more services to help our clients carry out their responsibilities as efficiently as possible. We thank you for your continued partnership with AETI® and wish you a successful and productive new year!

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