Improved VIN Decoder for Vehicles

October 3, 2023  Media, PA
Quadra , Software Releases

With Quadra® 9.2, we’ve released a number of updates including an improved process for adding a new vehicle, an update for the Allocation Schedule specifically for clients that run allocations without A/R integration, and a better system for delivering large files through Email Builder.

VIN decoding system and suggestion feature

Quadra maintains substantial amounts of vehicle information and uses an integrated VIN decoder. This decoder is an API-supported system that references vehicle details based on a Vehicle Identification Number provided by the user.  With the decoder, Quadra can automatically fill in fields including make, model, year, vehicle type, engine, and more, which streamlines the process of adding a new vehicle.  With this latest release, the Vehicles module includes both an upgraded decoding system as well as a VIN suggestion feature, which displays several VINs and vehicle names if a user enters the wrong number. Additionally, there is a new log in the system administration allowing AETI to better monitor calls for VINs and overall usage.  

When decoding a VIN, which is the first step in adding a new vehicle, suggestions will appear if the number was mistyped:


Allocation Schedule Update

We’ve made an adjustment specifically for clients not using the Accounts Receivable module in their cost allocation process.  For these clients, asset changes will automatically be given the ‘Finished’ status in the Allocation Schedule. Since journal entries will not be created and a review of changes is not necessary, this new feature will benefit users by simplifying the schedule interface and eliminating the status of ‘Ready for review’.  The email notification will alert the users that the asset changes are complete.

Larger Files as Downloadable Attachments

Email Builder in Quadra is used extensively by clients for sending files and updates to team members.  For a faster and more efficient sending process, larger files (over 10MB) will no longer be included as attachments. Instead, links will be provided so users can download the needed files.

At AETI® we are continually working on new Quadra features to support workflows. Stay tuned for additional updates!

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