Enhancing Loss Control for the Self-Insured

May 19, 2022  Media, PA
Tech Insight

Many organizations eschew traditional insurance contracts in favor of forming risk retention groups, captives, or pools for significant benefits such as having greater control over their insurance programs, cost stabilization, and enhanced loss protection for certain types of exposures shared by members.  An experienced broker is invaluable in developing the most useful insurance program for clients by examining their risk tolerance, cash flow concerns, and historical claim data. Brokers can perform analyses to help clients understand their unique drivers of risk, determine claim and reserve projections, and improve decision-making through a customized program. 


An important facet for clients to discuss with potential brokers is the kinds of tools and resources they have available to help manage risk and ensure projections are accurate.  Ideally, these solutions will streamline the tasks of managing a complex insurance program that protects a large and varied portfolio of exposures. Additionally, the overall system should be scalable to accommodate a growing clientele.   


Quadra®, our award-winning SAS solution, provides a wide range of benefits for brokers who create customized insurance programs for their clients. Quadra was developed to help organizations consolidate exposure asset information, accurately determine their true costs of risk, and run analyses for effective reporting.  The Allocations module is unique in the marketplace for its ability to easily calculate premium charges that seamlessly integrate with the client’s preferred invoicing process.


Quadra includes settings specifically for our broker partners to help them manage services for their clients even more efficiently, allowing them to facilitate module access and view activities, providing them with autonomy to accommodate new clients as the business grows. Quadra is an ideal tool for brokers responsible for many clients and accounts, and AETI has over ten years of experience in onboarding partners to ensure their success.


Our clients rely on Quadra to manage over $31.5B in exposures across 10,700+ accounts.  This one-of-a-kind solution can accommodate all types of exposures and currently includes over 130 categories. Advanced reporting capabilities provide risk managers and CFO’s with an exceptional tool for processing information and finding valuable insights that improve the bottom line.  If you are interested in learning more about how Quadra can support your organization’s goals, please contact us!

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