An easier way to allocate insurance costs

Quadra® stands alone in the alternative risk market for its superior method in allocating insurance costs. The Allocations module calculates and distributes the total cost of risk across all of your accounts using a process that is fair, transparent, and unassailable. Quadra's Accounts Receivable module integrates with Allocations so you can easily generate and distribute invoices, automatically record journal entries, and facilitate payment deposits to your bank.

Alternatively, you can run an allocation to create reporting invoices for incorporation into your own A/R system. Either way, allocate costs with the confidence that asset changes are accounted for and charges are accurate.

Simply enter cost components for each coverage and apply the cost information to selected exposure assets. Then include modifiers as needed: A discount for asset owners that own a security system or a surcharge for vehicles over a certain age.

You can also experience rate your allocation. Leverage Quadra’s Claims module to factor in severity (how costly the losses were) frequency (how often claims were filed), or a mix of both.

We weight our rates using rates provided by the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) which collects data from premiums, claims, and losses filed with state regulators. We maintain the most current ISO rates in Quadra, which are used to determine your insurance charges.

Quadra’s allocation method removes the guesswork and effort involved with calculating insurance charges, allowing you to focus on your business strategy.

View selected features and reports


Explore key features of the Allocations module.  In Quadra, simply follow the steps provided to allocate costs quickly and accurately.


Enter Amounts

Enter cost components for each coverage and apply the cost information to selected exposure assets.


Specify Coverage Details

Compare target allocation with total allocation amount. You also have the option to apply modifiers (surcharges or discounts) as needed. Example: loss experience



In the Allocation Preview, compare charges, assets, and view percent variance.

Allocation preview


The Allocation Schedule shows all dates for allocations, asset changes, and invoices, with drill-in capability for viewing amounts.

Compare target with allocation

Sample Report

Total cost of risk organized by cost component.

Sample report: total cost of risk

Sample Report

Workers compensation total cost of risk organized by rate class.

Sample report: workers compensation by rate class