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DFMC 2019: Growth and Resilience in a Time of Change

October 2, 2019   Conferences

We had a great opportunity to meet with diocesan financial professionals and discuss strategies for improving exposure asset management and cost allocation
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DFMC Recap

October 8, 2018   Conferences

We attended the 2018 DFMC in Phoenix Arizona in September. Find out how it went!
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US Captive Review Awards 2018 Update

August 7, 2018   Conferences

We were nominated for the Technology Initiative Award. Find out the results here!
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US Captive Review Awards 2018

July 5, 2018   Conferences

AETI has been nominated for the Captive Review Awards!
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DFMC 2017 Wrap-Up

October 2, 2017   Conferences

This year, DFMC was hosted in Baltimore, MD. We spent our time conversing about how Quadra™ can simplify the needs of the diocesan fiscal management teams across the world!
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