Quadra v3.3.7 Release Notification

January 28, 2015  Media, PA
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  Quadra v3.3.7 Release Notification
New Features

Quadra v3.3.7 Release Notification
The newest version of Quadra was released on January 23 and features response notes for change request approvals/denials, the ability to batch renew certificates, and more.



Approval/Denial of Change Requests Include Response Note

When approving or denying a change request to add or remove an asset, users can now enter a note that will be included in the email sent to the requestor.


Batch Renew Property Certificates

We enhanced the property certificate renewal feature and made it easier for users to navigate the process. In this release the processor will display exceptions that include duplicate certificates. Users can also view the actual certificates before renewing to ensure everything is correct. After Quadra renews the certificates, users will receive a renewal report with a URL to access the renewed certificates.


Remove Follow-up Note Reminder and Provide Notification

Notification Pop-up prior to this change, users could create follow-up reminders in Quadra. The system would send a reminder email on the selected date to the requestor. This feature has been replaced by a simple reminder that appears next to the user’s name in the upper right-hand corner of Quadra.


Quadra Sends Link Rather than Attachment for Large Files

We found that when users send large reports via email, they were hindered by their email system’s maximum storage for attachments. To get over this hump, Quadra now sends a link for report files that users can click and download.


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