Quadra v3.2.2 Released!

December 4, 2013  Media, PA
Quadra , Software Releases

New Features

Report Scheduling
We've expanded our reports module to allow scheduling delivery of reports. Any report available to you may be given a recurring schedule so critical business information is delivered right to your inbox in the format you choose. Access the Scheduled Reports area from the new "Schedule" link above the reports grid or directly from a reports grid row by choosing the "Schedule" action.

Search Accounts
The Search Accounts popup has been expanded to allow searching by Street and Account Type. These fields are also now displayed in the results grid to help you more quickly identify the target of your search.

These additional enhancements are included in this Quadra release:

  • Pin Module Menu to the top of screen when scrolling down the page
  • Retain the expanded/collapsed state of the Accounts Receivable grid

The following issues are resolved with this Quadra release:

  • Cannot add ownership in the Accounts module
  • Billing Contact not in Contact Type options if one ever existed for the current client
  • Editing a vehicle from an account level above where the vehicle is defined causes the vehicle to be transferred
  • Users whose account pyramid is limited to specific accounts may see duplicates in the account tree
  • Non-Renew certificates are not appearing in red in the Certificates module grid
  • Edit Account Name causing a processing error
  • Aggregated Assets Report throwing a processing error if no asset types or columns selected
  • Users may transfer assets to "Category" Accounts, this should not be permitted
  • If a Vehicle Payor name contains a single quote it cannot be removed
  • Correct spacing on verbiage at the top of the Acord 25 (2010/05) certificate

Submit Issue If you happen to find an issue or want to suggest a new feature simply click on the "Support" menu item and select "Submit Issue". We will review the issue and contact you if we have any questions.

Thank You!

The AETI Team


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