Quadra v3.1.5 Released!

June 18, 2013  Media, PA
Quadra , Software Releases

New Features

Additional Asset Grid Columns
We've expanded the available columns in the Structures, Vehicles, Items and Other Exposures grids to include Date Add Recorded and Date Drop Recorded.

Transfer Other Exposures
Similar to Structures and Items, the Other Exposures module now includes a Transfer feature for easily changing an asset's account.

The following issues are resolved with this Quadra release:

  • Users who have restricted access to two or more accounts only see the first one in their account pyramid
  • Dropped structures are not removed from the Structures Map dashboard element
  • Module menu not displaying correctly in Google Chrome

Submit Issue If you happen to find an issue or want to suggest a new feature simply click on the "Support" menu item and select "Submit Issue". We will review the issue and contact you if we have any questions.

Thank You!

The AETI Team


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