Quadra v3.1.0 Released!

March 11, 2013  Media, PA
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New Feature

Asset Grids Enhanced
We've enhanced the Appraisals, Items, Other Exposures, Structures and Vehicles module grids to allow greater customization and ease of use.

These enhancements include the ability to search directly on the asset grid pages to make finding assets faster than ever. We've also added a new "Choose Columns" pop-up to allow choosing which columns are most important for your business needs. Finally, all your customizations may be saved across Qaudra logins to keep your asset grids exactly how you want them!

Quadra Screenshots v3.1.0

Click Search or Columns from any of the five asset grids to access these great new features today!

These additional enhancements are included in this Quadra release:

  • Create an Aggregated Assets Report that allows returning all assets for a given account
  • Update available actions shown when an asset is dropped to include Notes and Documents
  • Add "Select Insureds" tree functionality to Property Policies

The following issues are resolved with this Quadra release:

  • In the Dashboard module, the Vehicles Summary Element should not include Total Insured Value
  • Expand Vehicle ID Card Renewal Report company field to display longer names without truncating the text
  • Choosing "View Vehicle" from the "Search Vehicles" page causing an exception
  • Documents grid causing exception when attempting to "Show all" on a client with 500+ documents
  • Account search causing a processing exception when search includes single quote

Submit Issue If you happen to find an issue or want to suggest a new feature simply click on the "Support" menu item and select "Submit Issue". We will review the issue and contact you if we have any questions.

Thank You!

The AETI Team


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