Quadra v3.0.16 Released!

September 20, 2012  Media, PA
Quadra , Software Releases

Quadra Release

The following enhancements were added in this Quadra release:

  • Include additional columns on the Certificates home page grid
  • Include additional categories for user submitted issues
  • Enhance Vehicles module Change Rate feature to redirect back to Vehicles grid after saving changes
  • Enhance the Events module to support insurer user accounts

The following issues were resolved in this Quadra release:

  • Column values out of order on Structures module "Show All" grid
  • Add Invoice in the Accounts Receivable module causing an exception
  • Removing a property policy after certificates have been generated causing an exception
  • Certificates module Acord 28 certificate should always print 2nd page regardless of special conditions

Submit Issue If you happen to find an issue or want to suggest a new feature simply click on the "Support" menu item and select "Submit Issue". We will review the issue and contact you if we have any questions.

Thank You!

The AETI Team


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