Quadra™ Release

December 6, 2016  Media, PA
Quadra , Software Releases

Quadra™ has new enhancements that will guarantee an effortless way for users to manage their risk. Here are some highlights:


When accessing the lease page, there is now the ability to edit the occupancy types.


If an allocation has been started, Quadra™ now offers the ability to edit on the allocation page.  Users can now modify asset change schedule and notifications.  In addition to these changes, there is now an option to select a “weekly” schedule.

Accounts Receivable

A huge timing saving update has been made in the Accounts Receivable module.  Users can now import spreadsheets directly into the system rather than having to send the spreadsheet to AETI to be imported into Quadra™.  Templates are also available which will automatically sum up totals and highlight any errors red.   In addition to this update, we have added the option to automatically apply credits where debits exist in the same fund. 


There is now a Search History for when users select Add Entry.


There is a new message displayed if a suspended/deleted account is selected.

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