AETI Announces Allocation Enhancements

July 11, 2014  Media, PA
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AETI Announces Allocation EnhancementsAllocation Enhancements

At AETI, we’re always working hard to make sure users get the most out of QuadraTM and we’re excited to announce our enhancements to the Allocations module. In our latest minor release we improved usability by making a process that in it’s nature is complex easer to navigate. We also improved and expanded the ability to export allocation reports allowing users to quickly analyze allocation results. 

We’ve added a wizard.

Application wizards provide a walkthrough of the allocation process by guiding you step-by-step from start to finish. The Add Allocation wizard assists you through each part of the process and all the way through to completion. Setting up allocations is now very easy and user-intuitive.

We’ve Added Column Control

Adding columns is familiar feature to QuadraTM  users, and now it’s available in the Allocation module. This enables users to build ad-hoc reports quickly and effectively. The Add Columns features works by allowing users to control which information they want displayed. They also can rearrange the columns and group information so they get on-the-fly reports with the information they need. For a demonstration of this popular feature, go to the following link:

We’ve Added a Pivot Table

In effort to give users an all-you-need application in asset exposure management and cost allocation, QuadraTM Allocation now has a pivot table feature. A pivot table is a powerful data analysis tool that allow users to create reports that are meaningful, and they can do so quickly and easily. There’s no need to export your data to another program; QuadraTM  now provides you this capability.

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