24th Annual Catholic Winter Meeting Wrap-up

February 2, 2015  Media, PA
Conferences , Quadra

2015 TCNRRG Winter Meeting
Photo of downtown St. Petersburg courtesy of www.stpete.org

Advanced Enterprise Technologies, Incorporated was proud to be selected by The National Catholic Risk Retention Group (TNCRRG) to present Quadra™ at the 2015 Winter Meeting and Conference. The conference was a very successful event, which brought together over 140 attendees, as well as over 10 speakers from around the country. The speakers provided those attending with valuable insight and advice in the key areas of insurance and risk management, which are of critical importance to the Catholic Church.

This venue provided AETI with the opportunity to exhibit Quadra™ in addition to engaging and maintaining contact with current customers. We appreciate all who stopped by our booth, and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Quadra Booth With Demo
AETI booth with QuadraTM demo stations



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