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Add a User


Learn how to add a Quadra user, assign roles, and edit an existing user.

Add a User Manager


This tutorial is for administrative users. It explains how to add a User Manager then assign it as a role to a user.

Add a User-Defined Field


Learn how to add UDFs to modules in order to capture additional information when entering data into Quadra.

Add an Account

Account Details

This tutorial outlines how to add and organize accounts within Quadra.

Add an Exposure

Other Exposures

This tutorial provides an overview of exposures and how to add them to Quadra.

Add and Renew Leases


Learn about the Leases module, including how to add lessee and lessor information, lease details, and options for extensions and renewals.

Add Billing Contact

Account Details

This tutorial shows how to add a billing contact using Quadra's Accounts module.

Add Credit Memo

Accounts Receivable

Learn how to create a credit memo using the journal entry feature of the Accounts Receivable module in Quadra.

Add Driver


Learn how to add a new driver, add an existing driver to a different account, and add multiple authorizations.

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