Tutorial Update: Reports, Certificates, and Internal Communications

September 14, 2023  Media, PA

Our tutorial library includes videos exploring the wide range Quadra® functions so you can get familiar with the tools available for strengthening your company’s insurance program. Tutorials can be sorted by topic and the AETI® website is searchable to help you easily locate the information you need. We have recently posted several videos that explore the functions within the Reports module, new tools for editing reports and ID cards, attaching addenda to supplement information appearing on insurance certificates, and creating a quick news bulletin for sharing information with the team.

Happy viewing!

Overview of Reports Module

This introduction covers the basics of running, scheduling, and sharing reports.

Editing Reports

Learn how to edit an existing report using Report Builder in the Administration module. Explore tools to modify images, rich text fields, and data-bound fields.

Generate Auto ID Cards and Manage Card Settings

Learn how to generate auto ID cards in the Vehicles module and manage card settings. Additionally, learn about editing reverse-side text using Report Builder.

Including Addenda for Certificates

This tutorial explores the process for including addenda to policies so they will appear with the certificate. This is useful when more extensive information on coverages needs to be provided.

Create a Bulletin for the Dashboard

Use a dashboard bulletin to post news or announcements to team members. This tutorial focuses on using a MS Word document to easily import text and formatting choices.

Tutorials can be sorted by category to help you locate the video you need:

Stay tuned for additional features coming soon with the next release!

About Quadra®

Quadra® is a SaaS solution used to manage over $31.5B in exposures across 10,700+ accounts.  This one-of-a-kind solution can accommodate all types of insurance exposures and includes over 130 categories including vehicles, real estate, structures, and payroll. The allocation feature is unique in the alternative risk market for determining the true cost of risk. Advanced reporting capabilities provide risk managers and CFOs with an exceptional tool for finding insights that control losses and improve the bottom line.  If you are interested in learning more about how Quadra can support your organization’s goals, please contact us!

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