Quadra v4.3.2 Enhancements

July 31, 2018  Media, PA
Software Releases

Quadra v4.3.2 has been released which includes a very convenient update.  The “advanced” search tab is now available on all modules and replaces the “create filter” feature that was previously available at the bottom of the module. 


Users can now select the search tab at the top of the module and select the “advanced” tab to utilize this feature.

The tab allows complex search options that will then be displayed above the grid in the standard search description area.


With a more efficient advanced search option in place, users will have an easier experience searching for specific information that they need.

Another helpful update has been in the help section of Quadra.  The following areas have been updated:

·         Assets > Drivers > Drivers Module

·         Assets > Drivers > Add Driver

·         Assets > Drivers > Deactivate Driver

·         Assets > Drivers > Edit Driver

·         Assets > Drivers > Manage Documents

·         Assets > Drivers > Notes

·         Assets > Drivers > Remove Driver

·         Assets > Drivers > Search History

·         Assets > Drivers > View Driver

·         Administration > Users > User Managers

·         Administration > Dashboard > Layout

The help section can be accessed by logging into Quadra and clicking the help icon.

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