Quadra 4.0 is coming!

October 2, 2017  Media, PA
Software Releases

If you have not heard yet, Quadra™ version 4.0 is coming!  This major version release includes an updated style format, quicker page loading, and editable account details.  

The new look of Quadra's login screen

Quadra's updated style format

While many of the enhancements are stylistic or occur behind the scenes, the paramount addition is an increased security feature called two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA).

Quadra's new Your Account area where users can choose to enable two-factor authentication

To continue our commitment to protect our customer’s data as well as our systems from attacks by cyber criminals, we are providing a two-factor authentication option for Quadra™ users.  What this means to you is that in October an additional layer of security verification will be available when accessing Quadra™.   After your unique username and password is confirmed, users will have a security code sent to them via email or text message.  Once the code is obtained and entered into the verification screen, users will have access to their account.  This secure access process strengthens Quadra’s™ security by limiting the possibility of data breaches on all fronts.

Click here for a short video detailing the new two-factor authentication process.

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