Partner Settings for Client Success

October 25, 2022  Media, PA
Quadra , Tutorials

Quadra® is an ideal tool for brokers responsible for many clients and accounts, and AETI® has extensive experience in onboarding partners to ensure their success.  Announced earlier this year, Quadra has specific settings available to help broker partners manage services for their clients even more efficiently. These settings allow brokers to facilitate module access and view activities for their clients, providing them with the ability to easily add new clients as needed. Additionally, settings are available to give specific users permission to edit information in the Partner Management section.

Two short tutorials provide an overview of the new Partner Management feature:

Partner Management Overview

Explore the features that allow brokers and other similar companies to set configurations for their clients. This tutorial covers how to add clients and edit client access to different modules.

Add a Partner Manager

This tutorial goes over the process for adding a Partner Manager, which is a user with the ability to edit settings for Partner Clients.

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