New File Sharing and Storage Site for Quadra Customers

April 6, 2015  Media, PA

New File Sharing and Storage Site for Quadra Customers

We have released something new and something free to Quadra customers: a file sharing and storage site. AETI Storage will allow Quadra customers to upload any size of document to store or share, which eliminates the headaches and frustration that come with emailing large file sizes. This web-based system provides customers with a completely secure, and easy-to-use service. Users can create and remove files, upload multiple files at once, search the storage, download stored files, and more.

Start Using AETI Storage

To get started using AETI Storage, contact Customer Support at (800) 293-1315 or send an email to We will provide you with an administrator login, and you can determine file sharing permissions for your documents. Contact us today and we will get you started! 

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