Human Resources: Partner in Loss Control

June 3, 2024  Media, PA
Tech Insight

Human resource managers play a crucial role in supporting loss control efforts for their companies.  They must ensure compliance with labor laws, promote a safe workplace, manage workers’ compensation claims, stay abreast of legal changes, and develop injury prevention programs.

Creating a safe working environment and communicating company policies helps manage risks related to injury and property damage as well as risks related to employee behavior such as harassment and discrimination.  Risk management can and should be the responsibility of all employees in an organization. However, HR staff members in particular can be instrumental in sharing information since they already interface with employees regularly and are often tasked with developing training programs.

Quadra’s Risk Management module operates as a high-level repository for documentation and company risk management standards. It was developed to not only maintain information related to operating procedures, business regulations, and safety protocols, but also to ensure these documents are easy to find.  The keyword search function quickly locates documents and prioritizes search results so employees can find exactly what they are looking for.  A knowledge base is critical to all organizations and ensuring information is available goes a long way to supporting loss control efforts. 

Quadra can be made available to all staff members at an organization, at all levels.  If staff outside of the finance and risk management departments need to view documents in the Risk Management module, the administrator can simply set a permission to access this module only.

Our clients use Quadra to manage a wide range of asset exposures to maintain successful insurance programs. Two of Quadra’s modules, Drivers and Vehicles, work together to ensure insurance coverage for a driver that operates multiple vehicles, as well as vehicles that will be driven by multiple drivers. 

An important component of our Drivers module is its background check feature which assesses criminal and motor vehicle records for any prospective driver. Since human resources managers oversee recruitment and hiring for an organization, this is a valuable feature. This system in Quadra was developed in partnership with Checkr, a leader in performing background checks on prospective hires.  In Quadra’s Drivers module, driver information, statuses, and authorization expiration dates can be easily managed as part of an organization’s overall safety policy.

Human resources managers can play a significant role in mitigating risks that may lead to costly grievances and lawsuits. Additionally, they help their organizations prepare for potential disruptions to ensure business continuity. With Quadra’s assistance, HR responsibilities be simplified and supported as staff implement policies that protect employees as well as an organization’s reputation and future viability.

About Quadra®

Quadra® is a SaaS solution used to manage over $40.1B in exposures across 11,700+ accounts.  This one-of-a-kind solution can accommodate all types of insurance exposures and includes over 130 categories including vehicles, real estate, structures, and payroll. The allocation feature is unique in the alternative risk market for determining the true cost of risk. Advanced reporting capabilities provide risk managers and CFOs with an exceptional tool for finding insights that control losses and improve the bottom line.  If you are interested in learning more about how Quadra can support your organization’s goals, please contact us!

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