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December 18, 2019  Media, PA
Holiday Card , Quadra

It has been a dynamic and busy year at AETI® as we have continued to advance the capabilities of Quadra®, learn about and respond to our clients’ ongoing challenges, and receive industry recognition.   We are especially excited at being named the 2019 US Captive Award winner in the Software Solution category for the second year in a row, thanks to the valuable insights and suggestions provided by Quadra users.

Additionally, our Chief Operations Officer Steve Malloy was featured in an interview with Ross Law from the Captive Review where he discussed the importance of managing risk across multiple facets as well as Quadra, AETI’s exposure asset management solution, and how its features support company-wide efforts to control losses.  Secondly, Steve Malloy was recognized as one of 2019’s Most Inspiring Business Leaders by the Mirror Review and was featured in an interview to discuss perspectives on leadership.

Stay tuned for new developments that will be announced in 2020 including a module for training to support risk management efforts as well as a new process for conducting driver background checks.  As we are committed to providing the best and most versatile software for exposure asset management and cost allocation, we’ve made a number of improvements to Quadra over the past year:

- The Search Pyramid feature was improved and now follows the same search format as other modules and includes expanded capabilities. In the same Quadra release, the Users grid was moved to its own page and it is now possible to filter Users by account.

- In the Risk Management module, Administrators now have the ability to assign accounts when adding topics, making it easier for users across different accounts to locate content. Ensuring standards are accessible to everyone is an important step in increasing compliance and controlling losses.

- Several enhancements were made to the process for managing drivers and vehicle COI's as well as the creation of ID cards. In the Drivers module, there is a new option to create multiple authorizations for a single driver, allowing for better consolidation of information.

- New security measures were added allowing administrators to control the number of password attempts and the length of the lock out period. These changes provide an even greater level of protection for your data.

- Quadra’s Email Builder was enhanced to give users greater control over recipient searches and the ability to schedule recurring messages that include attachments and reports.

- Users can now maintain broker information unique to their organization, meaning all relevant options will be available when creating new master policies.  Additionally, the insurance carriers and producers listed in the Administration module are customized to each client and the option to remove a carrier or producer has been added.  In the Certificates module, when creating new policies or editing existing policies, users can now select the renewal delivery method: e-mail, fax or print.

- A new comment feature was added to the Support Issues page. After submitting a new issue, users will now have the option to comment on their issue, as well as receive responses from the Quadra development team. Comments can be edited and a history will be kept of any changes.  

- When creating a survey, users can now choose more than one account that it will apply to rather than only having one option, helping to eliminate duplicate work.

Quadra is an ever-evolving application as we continue to enhance functionalities add new features. As always we welcome suggestions! Users can click 'Support Issues' under 'My Account' in Quadra to send questions and comments. If you are interested in learning more about how AETI can support your insurance program, please contact us.

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