All On the Same Page: Tools for Collaboration

November 16, 2021  Media, PA
Tech Insight

For leaders within the alternative risk market, managing a complex insurance program involves overseeing many facets including finances, sources of risk, activities supporting compliance, data analyses, and many more.  Another important facet is, of course, human capital: Your team members at all levels.  Ensuring everyone has the data and resources they need is key to creating an efficient division that ultimately helps protect assets and sustain viability.

A number of features within Quadra® are available to enhance internal communications and facilitate the exchange of reports, documents, or guidelines.  Users can also take advantage of a convenient method for inviting other team members to create accounts in Quadra so they can access the modules in line with their professional roles.  

Email Builder, Quadra’s communication tool, is especially helpful to our clients who send reports out to team members on a regular basis.  Recipient lists can be easily created once a query is run to identify which users should receive which reports.  Queries can be used to find recipients based on role, account, job title, or other criteria.  Users have the ability to schedule many different types of communications, can include attachments, and set up recurring messages so emails can be easily automated. When used to send reports, Email Builder will send only the reports pertaining to the account(s) each recipient manages.

As new employees join the team and require access to Quadra, administrators can create invitation links, which can be customized so new users can only access accounts and permissions that correlate with their job responsibilities. This feature provides a simplified method for creating accounts, so new employees can begin work with little downtime. This feature can also be used for employees who use Quadra for training, since course facilitators can create course assignments using invitation links.

Additionally, the Risk Management component within Quadra helps facilitate the distribution of information among all team members. The Standards module contains a document management system designed to hold standards and other records relating to compliance or business practices.  The search function can help all team members locate any standard or document quickly so appropriate actions can be taken promptly.

Effective collaboration and access to relevant information greatly support risk management efforts that ultimately help organizations control losses and create a positive bottom line.   If you are interested in learning more about how Quadra can keep all of your team members on the same page, please contact us!

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