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Add a User


Learn how to add a Quadra user, assign roles, and edit an existing user.

Add a User Manager


This tutorial is for administrative users. It explains how to add a User Manager then assign it as a role to a user.

Add a User-Defined Field


Learn how to add UDFs to modules in order to capture additional information when entering data into Quadra.

Assign Training

Administration , Training

Learn how to assign training to team members by either assigning courses to individuals or roles or by using an invitation link.

Create a Bulletin for the Dashboard

Administration , Dashboard

Use a dashboard bulletin to post news or announcements to team members. This tutorial focuses on using a MS Word document to easily import text and formatting choices.

Create a Notification

Administration , General

Learn how to set notifications that alert you to specific changes in Quadra, such as a new asset or an upcoming deadline.

Import Data

Administration , Imports

Explore the data import function that can be used for accounts receivable, claims, contacts, items, other exposures, structures, and vehicles; plus templates and metadata to prepare incoming data.

Manage Authorization Types for Drivers

Administration , Drivers

Learn how to add and edit authorization types for drivers and also how to create new authorization types using the Administration module.

Managing Roles


This tutorial explains how to assign roles and enhance security by giving Quadra users access to specific modules and tasks.

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