Video Tutorial Update

June 12, 2017  Media, PA

One of our goals at AETI is to make asset management simplified for our clients.  To assist our users, we are constantly creating and updating video tutorials that better explain the ins and outs of Quadra™.  Here are some recent additions to our tutorial library:


This video helps users navigate through the Amounts tab in Allocations.  There are six steps when setting up an allocation, but the Amounts tab is one of the most important.  This video will explain how to set up coverages and then add the appropriate amounts.

Coverages: Part One

Coverages can be a very complicated part of an allocation.  We have broken this section into two separate parts, so we could fully explain how the functions work.  This video will explain the General, Target, Accounts, and the Rates tab.  There are also many strategic tools that are discussed to maximize the efficiency of the user’s allocation.

Coverages: Part Two

A vital aspect of Quadra is its ability to adjust and enhance prior allocations.  To accomplish this, the modifiers and collars tab in Coverages are crucial.  The Coverages Part Two video explains how to properly set up these tabs to ensure accounts are properly billed and variances from prior years are smoothed out to create an ideal allocation. 

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