Tutorial Updates – Driver-Vehicle Linking, Interface Customization, and More

January 20, 2021  Media, PA

To start off the new year, we're highlighting a few tutorial videos recently added to our library. A major update in Quadra included a new driver-vehicle linking feature which allows users to create ID cards that list the driver as the insured.  This is a significant benefit for professional driving companies that need a flexible system for managing insurance involving multiple drivers and vehicles.

A new tutorial on how to customize the Quadra interface provides several tips on adjusting preferences and module grid settings to match your work style, plus, there are videos exploring the Claims and Leases modules. Enjoy!

Generate ID Cards Listing Driver as Insured 

Learn more about the Driver to Vehicle linking feature and how to create cards for multiple drivers that operate a single vehicle, or for a single driver that operates multiple vehicles.

Customize the Interface

Explore options for adjusting the module grid layout, keeping search results intact, and setting other preferences for notes and report-sharing.

Claims Module Overview

Explore the Claims module in Quadra, including importing, exporting, searching claims, plus managing notes and documents.

Add and Renew Leases

Learn about the Leases module, including how to add lessee and lessor information, lease details, and options for extensions and renewals.

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