Tutorial Updates - Certificates and Administration

June 26, 2019  Media, PA

Since there have been a number of recent updates to Quadra, we have some new tutorials explaining specific functions within the Certificates and Administration modules.

The process for creating a certificate of insurance has been streamlined and there is an easier method for setting up renewal deliveries. Additionally, there are improved capabilities within the Email Builder, which are useful for scheduling reports. Lastly, we have a tutorial that provides a brief overview of the various functions within the Administration module. 

Create a property or liability certificate and print or send it by fax or email.

Explains the method for setting the automatic renewal delivery to either email, fax or print.

Explores the functions available in Quadra's Email Builder with a focus on attaching reports

Learn how to save a list of recipients, known as a distribution list, in Quadra's Email Builder

A brief look at how to access the Administration module and its various functions

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