Tutorial Update: Overviews

February 14, 2023  Media, PA

Quadra® tutorials provide instruction on a wide range of features that streamline tasks supporting exposure asset management and loss control efforts.  We have recently posted several tutorials that are ideal for new users getting familiar with Quadra.

We are working on developing more of these overview tutorials since they summarize some of the amazing and time-saving features that Quadra is known for while showing how specific elements can be customized to support a variety of business needs.

Happy viewing!

Accounts Receivable Overview

Explore the features that help you manage accounts receivable and learn how to access reports and preferences:

Overview of the Structures Module

Take a closer look at the new tab format which has been made available for all asset modules.  Learn about the kinds of details that are captured for structures and how to set options for drop-down menus:

Overview of the Projects Module

This tutorial explains how to add a new project as well as define project categories and resources:

Settings for Certificates

Learn more about the settings available for property and liability certificates and how edits will impact how information appears on the final certificate:

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