Happy Holidays from AETI!

December 19, 2018  Media, PA
Holiday Card

2018 has been quite an exciting time for AETI!  We started the year with some major changes in our Administration module.  With new notifications available and account managers in place, our clients can make Quadra even more customizable to their own specific needs.

The year continued with revamping some of our staple modules, like surveys, allowing it to be more user friendly.  We also made changes to our certificate policies, security, structures, and many other modules.  However, our biggest addition to Quadra was the Risk Management module.  We have a holistic risk management approach which means it is an integral part of the whole organization.  Therefore, it seemed necessary to have a module dedicated to managing standards. 

In August, we were awarded the U.S. Captive Award for Technology Initiative.  This was a big honor as we have continually strived to provide companies with a secure and easy to use software for their insurance asset management needs.  After winning the award, we had a featured editorial in the Captive Review magazine discussing the importance of utilizing a holistic risk management approach within an organization. 

We thank you for your continual feedback and input on how Quadra can better serve your needs.  It is a vital part of helping us grow and develop our products at AETI. 

Wishing you a season of joy and looking forward to continued success in 2019!

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