Happy Holidays!

December 5, 2017  Media, PA
Holiday Card

As we look back on this past year, we are reminded of how much we have evolved to better serve our customers.  Some of the greatest improvements involved our modules and their functionalities.  Facilities was converted into Projects, so customers could easily track active projects and their budgets.  Leases was also revamped to provide a more user friendly experience. 


Our biggest improvement this year is our two-factor authentication process and facelift for Quadra.  With these changes, users gained quicker page loading, but more importantly, users gained the additional layer of security from two-factor authentication.  With Quadra’s new two-factor authentication process, users can be reassured that AETI is doing everything to proactively protect them from cyber attacks.


Your feedback and input on our software is a vital part to helping us grow and develop our product.  We thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your asset management needs. 


We send our warmest wishes for a fantastic holiday season and a joyous start of 2018!

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