Meet the AETI team

Stephen Malloy

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Malloy is the Chief Operations Officer for Advanced Enterprise Technologies, Inc. He oversees the development and implementation of the enterprise technology investment strategy and provides strategic direction to several functions and business organizations. Mr. Malloy offers a unique blend of acumen, global-team building and IT solutions development credited with strong ROI and operational improvement. He has built a responsive IT organization that consistently delivers results by aligning technology initiatives with business goals, with substantial improvement to service delivery, standardization and business/systems performance.

Garrett Gabriele

Partner Relationship Manager

Garrett is responsible for building and preserving relationships with our customers. He has an innate ability to identify technical and business challenges and create opportunities from them. By serving as the liaison between AETI and its clients, he ensures excellent customer service and client satisfaction. Garrett’s in depth knowledge of Quadra coupled with both an insurance and technology background provide a strong asset to serve our clientele.

Abbie Johnson

Staff Accountant

Abbie performs central accounting activities related to accounts payable, accounts receivable, contract accounts, expense allocation and analysis, financial statement preparation and general accounting. She is essential to our business and Quadra’s financial processes.

Lauren Sirianni

Data Analyst

Lauren translates numbers into plain English. Lauren is acutely suited to her position as she is highly analytical and possesses strong math skills. Her attention to detail, strong organizational skills and ability to explain complex results helps our customers make better business decisions.

Laura Soule

Communications Manager

Laura, who contributes to the help section for Quadra, has a background in communications, having written marketing copy, website content, and style guides for a number of professional associations in the greater Philadelphia area. She is also pursuing an additional career in accountancy where she can bring together her interests in reporting, analysis, and business planning.

Owen Soule

Software Engineer

Owen is responsible for the underlying architecture of Quadra as well as overseeing the work being done by other software engineers. He influences the company's direction and vision, not just at feature or immediate next level, but how Quadra works with customers, integration and beyond. Owen also serves as the technical adviser to management and provides programming perspective on requirements.


Retired Military Working Dog

Roxy is a retired US Army military working dog (MWDs) and is currently completing her training to assist with post-traumatic stress disorder and seizures. She is a constant fixture here at AETI where she helps to promote an atmosphere of teamwork and communication in addition to increasing morale and providing stress relief.